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What we do

Home.Made offers bespoke relocation services to individuals, couples and families moving to the Netherlands. Built on the understanding that expats are busy professionals, our process ensures a smooth, stress-free, and swift transition.

Why us?

Home.Made is the gold standard in expat relocation and is entirely unique in its approach. It is tailored to clients’ lifestyles and offers personalized settling services that ensure integration into an established social and community network.



Joshua Du Toit

Since moving to Amsterdam, I have drawn on Home.Made’s services for help with immigration documents, information on purchasing property and all of my lifestyle transition needs (such as information on supermarkets, transport, restaurants, pet care, fitness and public services). Sherianne is a wealth of knowledge and her services have been indispensable for my relocation. I highly recommend this company if you’re moving to Amsterdam!


Skye King

Sherianne is really wonderful and the service she provides is comprehensive, filled with personal touches to make you feel at home, with incredible resources available that help you settle in as quickly as possible. Sherianne is knowledgeable about the Netherlands and Amsterdam and is trustworthy in her guidance. I would really recommend utilizing these services for all your relocation needs, it really makes a difference and with Sherianne you will feel safe, settled and stress free ready to focus on your new adventure.


Alejandro Varsky

Sherianne was just incredible and I could not have moved in the Netherlands without her. I was based in Zurich and she organized very professional video-views for me to see in covid times. But that wasn’t it: since we arrived she has delivered tons of great tips and helped us set up services and utilities. I would totally recommend people to use her services. Her advice and knowledge has been invaluable to us.


Ailyssa Pretorius

Sherianne is determined to make your move as seamless as possible. She foresees the things that might make a move hard, and was able to help prioritise what needed to be sorted out when. On the day we landed, Sherianne was a lifesaver in shipping over simcards so we were connected where the internet had let us down. This service can really assist your transition. Thanks for being so understanding and supportive!

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