lifestyle guide

Lifestyle Guide

Home.Made brings you the very first of its kind, lifestyle guide for expats, tourists and anyone working in the city of Amsterdam. Featuring guides to Dutch culture, shopping, eating out, things to do, health and wellness, and information relating to pets and children, this lifestyle guide is an essential to every expat’s daily life.




In this comprehensive lifestyle guide, Home.Made offers expats a detailed manual to navigating Amsterdam. Updated annually, this guide is the perfect handbook for Amsterdam-based expats and tourists alike.

The guide offers the following features:

  • Tips on adjusting to Dutch culture, language, and ways of life
  • Means of getting around the city
  • Where to buy food and home products
  • A comprehensive eating out guide that rates restaurants on quality and price
  • Everything you need to know as a lover of coffee in Amsterdam
  • Things to do in and around the city including museums, beaches, seasonal festivities and social spots
  • A shopping guide of the best shops in the city and where to buy clothes perfect for Dutch weather
  • Information on workspaces in the city
  • A baby and children feature that details child-friendly spots, stores for children and children’s items, children’s nanny and day-care services and resources to teach children about Dutch culture
  • Information on pet services, products, dog training and parks in the city
  • A health and wellness guide detailing everything you need to know about fitness, sports, spas, beauty and grooming
  • Tips on everyday things such as post, printing, laundry and ATMs
  • A list of useful apps that will help ease you into a Dutch lifestyle
  • A description of Dutch holidays
  • Contacts for emergencies and repairs

3 reviews for Lifestyle Guide

  1. Lisa

    This is an incredibly comprehensive and rich guide which provides such helpful information about navigating all aspects of life in Amsterdam. The content is really well packaged and easy to use with tips about special places the city has to offer.

  2. Elisabeth

    If you are looking for a complete guide of anything and everything you need to know in Amsterdam, look no further! An up to date guide of the best in the city. The embedded links make this guide user friendly and easily accessible. Despite having lived in the city for a year, this guide has enriched my experience! Thank you Sherianne for putting together this pearl of wisdom!

  3. Tammy

    The complete A to Z of everything you’ll need and want to know about Amsterdam. An expat’s holy grail! You can tell this is a real bout of love from someone who loves the city as much as I know I will. Embedded links, and in depth knowledge about shopping, where to live, how to shop, and everything in-between !

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